Five of the Most Evil Serial Killers in History

  1. Pedro Alonso Lopez

Lopez was Colombian by nationality, but his ethics were like that of no ordinary human being. He has been pointed at for rape and murder of 300 girls throughout South America. Also, he has been reported to have cannibalistic natures with which he has attacked countless naive girls in Peru alone. His methods of victimization were horrific, to underestimate. He beckoned targets, mostly girls, into uninhabited buildings or remote areas, forced rape unto them, and murdered them in various, hostile procedures, particularly strangulation.

He was caught during an attempted kidnap that failed, and he was cornered by market businessmen until he was handed over to the law enforcement. During interrogations conducted by the police, Lopez had admitted to 300 murders. The police, however, did not believe him until water from a flood had unraveled a sum of graves, which mostly were of people he had confessed of killing. Ultimately, 53 bodies were found.

Imprisoned in 1980, serving for only 18 years before getting released from a prison in Ecuador, he was arrested again in Columbia and was sentenced to life in 2002.

  1. Dr. Harold Fredrick Shipman

He was an Englishman, as well as a doctor by profession. He is known to be the most dangerous serial killer in recorded history. Dr. Shipman had been accused guilty of up to 250 homicides. He had masked the hostility he had in him beneath a respected and trusted physician. Respected and trusted indeed, until people around him started speculating the increasing death rates in the area and the large number of cremation forms for aged women that he had signed twice to ensure validity.

Several bodies were unearthed later and had been done autopsy on to find diamorphine in their system. This lead to the establishment of the fact that Dr. Shipman had injected his patients with death-causing amounts of the drug – the culprit behind their untimely deaths. The purpose behind his atrocity was to claim his victims’ properties and wealth, ending the awful task with cremation in order to erase any evidence that could link the murder to him. However, he was caught eventually and had been sentenced to 15 life sentences back to back, ensuring his vision trapped to never meet the light of day again. Ultimately, he committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell at Wakefield Prison in 2004.

  1. Daniel Camargo Barbosa

He was also Colombian by birth similar to Lopez and had raped his victims before writing death on their destinies. He had killed over 150 juvenile girls in both Columbia and Ecuador in the 1970s and 1980s. Barbosa had confessed to his murders carried out in Ecuador, without hesitation, after fleeing from the Colombian prison. He even directed the authorities to lands where he dumped the yet-to-be-found bodies of people he murdered.

How he killed his victims were rather inhumane and brutal. He raped the girls, and penetrated inside with a machete after finishing with them.

He was later caught in 1989, and had been sentenced to 16 years of prison, which was the highest number of years allowed during the time. He was, eventually, killed as an aftermath of vengeance in state of imprisonment by another prisoner who happened to be a relative of one of his victims.

  1. Pedro Rodrigues Filho

Pedro Rodrigues Filho was a Brazilian serial killer. He was first imprisoned in 1973, but had been accused of killing 71 people later on in 2003, and was sentenced to 128 years in prison.

He had mastered murder at the very young age of 14, when he committed his first. This rippled into more burglaries and had also carried out a murder marathon against known drug dealers, in revenge of his dead girlfriend who had been killed while he was spending prison time. He was already the reason behind 10 deaths by the time he turned 18 years old. He also killed his father who had been serving jail time along with him.

Further accusations against him had established an increase of his sentence to 400 years.

  1. Gary Ridgway

He is known to be one of the United States’ most horrific serial killers. Imprisoned in 2001, in penalty of 4 proven homicides, however, he had confessed to 67 more of mostly women, carried out in Washington alone during the 80s and 90s.

He had run free of the death penalty, by truth confession and by leading authorities to his dumping grounds, in help towards the police to discover missing bodies. He has been termed The Green River Killer by the media, as five of his victims were dumped into the Green River, Auburn, Washington.

He was convicted of 49 murders later on, and has been sentenced to life without parole.

Gruesome enough? Who do you think was the most evil?

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