He Was The One


They asked me what’s your most precious treasure
I knew none than my father was my heart’s closer.
They asked me who always loved me the most
I knew that my father cared for me at every cost.

When I was stranded and groped for a hand,
I saw my father’s shadow guiding me ahead.
When I felt like everything’s a very big mess,
He taught me how to solve things less and less.
When my grades were low and progress was slow,
He was the one bringing me back to the flow.

Every time I lost a game and saw the end,
He showed me the way and worked on the mend.
Every time I was lost in dark,
He was the one making my mark.
Every time the roads were uphill and I stumbled hard,
He was the one pulling and putting off my dirt.

Try as I might but words won’t end
Telling about the place in my life he beheld.
But one thing would never be lied,
That he was my life’s biggest love and pride.

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Amid all the escalating negativity, violence and oppression, I still see love, peace and happiness calling out to me. And my faith of Divinity and love of family impels me to pursue that which not only leaves a mark on the face of this earth, but also outreaches tower of the heaven.