Lost And Found


This is about the time when I was utterly lost
And I was reduced to a fleeting white forth.
I’m talking about the time when I was left into shreds
And the strings holding me entangled all true lies.

My wound was so searing I felt my soul would demise
I screamed in pain so often that wind echoed of those cries.
The confined spheres that fenced me all failingly broke apart.
But it was only to let God’s divine cure seep through my heart.


My belief of relief was as distant as the end seemed to be
But how is He God if He unlocked doors with your designed key?
God is All-Aware, hence your pain is bound to cross his sight.
All it takes is an unwavering faith and reliance during the plight.
Because when God speaks, surely he means
That verily, with hardship there comes ease.

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Amid all the escalating negativity, violence and oppression, I still see love, peace and happiness calling out to me. And my faith of Divinity and love of family impels me to pursue that which not only leaves a mark on the face of this earth, but also outreaches tower of the heaven.