Admission: A Phobia or Rat Race


It starts in class one or two when the children come up with the word AIM through writing the most common composition “Your Aim in Life”. Formerly, the process of fixing aim was started after the higher secondary board exams in our country but nowadays the scenario has changed a lot. Now parents decide their children’s future before they are even born! And the race of admitting one’s child into a renowned school is considered weightier than those admission tests. Getting into a good school now has become a fear for the children rather than a pairing off.

In the battle of admission, parents make a hue and cry thinking — Oh no! my child will fall behind, let’s put him through the mill and then there goes a bunch of sure things like — “Guarantee of Full Pay Back if your child doesn’t get admission”, ’’We finish our studies in our coaching’’ and so on.

Again they think if they take their child to one of the teachers of that specific institution, the child might get some extra attention and might be benefited. This “might be” is leading to a serious kind of bait. And they cannot but continue to compare their kids with their mates.

Why can’t you get this math so quickly?

-Rahman’s child is doing so well why cannot you?

You have to be an all-rounder!

Together with what not! The pro-creators fail to understand how tuneless these sayings are to a 3 year old child!

Previously students after passing their board exams started for the admission tests whereas these days kids are seemed to get prepared for tests just after the day they born. No matter whether they can end up with memorizing all the alphabets but they are obliged to learn how to solve 5th grade math!

The journey of this troublesome admission doesn’t end here in fact it shows true colors at the time of paying off the authority.

Firstly, some schools select students by a lottery system which is undoubtedly an injustice to these kiddies.

Again, if someone has not been selected but yet want to get in they have to pay a humongous amount of money which is called DONATION by terms. This is working like “booking a sit before anyone gets it” or in other words by considering the amount of legal tender sit can be compared to a “Luxurious hotel room”. No surprise at all!

Parents usually start to save their neck in fear of getting their child into private universities but pronto they have to unshackle money from the very beginning of their education life. Now admission has turned into burden from a pie in the sky.

However more or less the process is rain or shine bringing egg in the kid’s beer. Children are sprouting in 4G speed. You want evidence of my saying ask them “What is the elaboration of GOOGLE?’’ They are smart enough to back talk.

Wait! Did you just realize all these years and you do not even know the full form of GOOGLE?

-Then Google it!

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