Me Before You : Movie Review


Director: Thea Sharrock

Screenplay: Jojo Moyes, Scott Neustadter, Micheal H. Weber

Stars: Sam Claflin, Emilia Clarke

Runtime: 109 mins

Genre: Drama, Romance

Me Before You, now a top grossing movie, is an adaptation of Jojo Moyes’s bestselling novel. The movie embarks as Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), a wealthy, young banker becomes completely paralyzed from a tragic accident that took place two years ago. Will’s sedentary and monotonous life turns him into a cantankerous person left with a cynical approach to life. That is when Will’s path crosses with Louisa Clark’s (Emilia Clarke), a young, vivacious girl with an eccentric choice of outfit and profuse outburst of emotions.

Louisa’s financial crisis and desperate need for a job brings her the opportunity to be a caregiver for Will Traynor. The patently conflicting personalities of Will and Louisa makes it almost impossible for them to even strike up a conversation during the initial stages of the movie. However, after Louisa’s relentless efforts and conviction, their relation begins to interface. Gradually Will begins to realize that it is Louisa’s charm that personifies her inner beauty. On the other hand, Louisa begins to apprehend the person in the wheelchair who has forgotten the sparks of life and undergoes an insurmountable amount of pain and building frustration. Will and Louisa’s eventual bonding adds new rudiments to both their lives. Will teaches her to watch subtitled movies, how to wear a dress with confidence, and widens her circumscribed perspective of life and happiness. Meanwhile, Louisa teaches him how to sing the Willy Wonka song, and makes him understand that it’s okay at times, to choose the heart over mind.

She delves deep into his life and tries to make him realize the true essence of life that await him, joys which he had previously thwarted with emptiness and pessimism. The story reaches its climax, when the tension revolves upon the big question, which is whether or not Louisa’s love has proven to be powerful enough to single-handedly change Will’s approach to life. The movie succeeds in connecting the audience with Emilia’s sincere and candid acting spree, backed up with the perfect eccentric costumes, enhancing the characterization. Sam Claflin puts up a commendable effort with his acting that provokes both sympathy and compassion in the hearts of the audience. The location, cinematography and sound tracks all sync to produce a perfect comforting picture. However, the story seems to miss the expectation it set for itself. By concluding with a diverged message the story almost disregarded the power and essence of the plot built so far. Questions have been raised from both critics and relevant organizations on how judicious the message was. Other than that, the movie is worth a try and can take you to a journey of falling in love, and experiencing the faces and borders to it.

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