5 reasons why Rifles Square is the place to be


We’ve all been through the ‘completely broke’ or ‘penniless’ phase a countless times in our lives, thanks to the hangout where you ended up paying the bill for 10 ravenous friends at a very expensive eatery, all of whom, quite ‘conveniently’ were in deep ‘financial crisis’ (insert annoyed expression here) or maybe the instance where you splurged  your entire life savings on those brand new football boots which you fell in love with at first sight. So does that mean we just force feed ourselves the lousy ‘lau er torkari’ (gourd) or  the dismal ‘begun er jhol’ (aubergine curry) at home, while fantasizing about juicy burgers or cheesy pizzas?  When Rifles Square (also known as Shimanto Square) is here, have no fear, because it is the only place you can satiate your gastronomic cravings, even with a mere BDT 300 budget. It’s economical, inexpensive and the food is delectable, so grab the half empty wallet and get going.

There are however a few treats which Rifles Square is well-known for, and make sure you’ve ticked off all of them in your checklist :

  • Nachos/Burritos/Tacos:   If your taste buds are yearning for some exotic Mexican spiciness, Rifles Square gives you a wide array of options to choose from. There are more than one kiosks both inside and outside the shopping mall serving signature Mexican food like Nachos or Fajitas and although they may not give you the authentic taste of this international cuisine, it’s more than enough to keep both your intestines and wallet happy. The service is brisk and hassle-free, and you can even ask them to pack your food for you in case you’re in a hurry for classes. The best part is that you won’t incur any additional expenses like service charge or VAT, since the food is offered from carts.  


  • Sub-Sandwich/Burgers:   ‘Takeout’, one of the most popular burger joints of Dhaka currently, has a stall at Rifles, and once you’ve tasted their divine double patty with generous dollops of mayo and cheese you’ll know  the rave reviews about their burgers being the best in town are indeed no joke. The sub-sandwiches contain more filling than you can chew so unless you are starving for days or tagging along with someone with a gigantic appetite, you will be wondering what to do with the leftovers.


  • Smoothies: Any meal is incomplete without drinks and sure enough Formosa QQ is right there to quench your thirst after a gratifying meal. Formosa, a Taiwanese franchise selling fruit flavored smoothies, makes a hefty sales from its Rifles branch. The smoothies are available in a myriad of flavors including strawberry, kiwi, and mulberry to name a few and are a refreshing, fruity treat, especially during summer.


  • Japanese cuisine:  For those with a penchant for sushi, chow mien or deep fried squid at a comparatively cheaper rate than any Gulshan-Banani outlets, Rifles is the place to be. There are a handful of cafes inside the premises offering an Oriental menu, and you might want to check them out. Not the very best food, but all in all a good bargain for the price on offer.


  • Sweet/Spicy Corn:  This may sound weird but corn kernels dipped in sweet and sour gravy is a great appetizer for your palate, and it’s not an item that you are likely to come across everywhere in Dhaka. They are served in small and large size cups and prices vary accordingly.


One of the best things about this place is that there are so many options to choose from, but one must remember to choose wisely, and for first timers it’s always safe to order based on expert advice. So what are you waiting for?  Indulge at your heart’s content, and most importantly without the fear of putting a dent on your wallet.

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