My Girl has Come Home Today


My girl is coming home today.

She had to leave for her higher studies in Australia just after two months of our relationship. It’s been over a year now. Staying without her for the past year has been tough. But love, eh?

My girl is coming home today.

‘Remember me,’ she always used to say. The last time I saw her, the day I went over to the airport to surprise her and to see her off, this is the last thing she said to me. Melodramatic, my girl.

My girl is coming home today. I can’t wait.

I remember falling for her the first time I saw her. I used to go there regularly. I love Spanish cuisine. Apparently, so does she. Her elegance, the sound of her voice, her melodramatic expressions, it all made me something we kids don’t want to confess these days. I became an addict. I am addicted to her.

My girl is coming home today, I can’t wait.

I can’t wait to see her burst into joy when she sees me, her smile, the sound of her soothing voice.

‘I’m finally coming home. This time, for a few extra weeks.’

I had to work the whole day. We decided to meet where it all began.

‘We’ll meet at 9?’
‘The regular place?’
‘Where it all began.’

It was almost 9. I got off work, went home and had the quickest shower in the history of mankind. It was already late and my phone, oh my phone was out for the count.

I needed to charge it. It was already 9:30. She has come home and I’m late, gosh.

I barely charged my phone avoided the million texts and phone calls. I didn’t even care why everyone was calling me right now, of all time. I literally ran to the place, our regular place, to see her for the first time in a year.

I can’t wait.

I’ll see her in a year. I’ll meet my girl.

But, as soon as I reach Gulshan, I see barricades. I see more armed forces than I’ve ever witnessed before.

Perplexed, I unlock my phone to ask her what happened. But she beat me with 6 unread messages.

I had a glance on the last message.

‘I’m sorry, Shom. Remember me’.

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