My Feelings


When I was in dark,
You came and became my light.
When I was falling apart,
You held me tight.
When I was crying,
You became the cause of my smile.

Now it’s my time.
Yet I feel it’s not right.
Though I want to hold you back,
When you are going black,
I feel I’m unable to hold you
Unable to let you go.

I feel like I’m drowning,
Whenever I try to hold you;
It seems like insanity,
When I cry for you;
It must be my obsession,
When I keep searching for you
It feels like a dream
When you are beside me
And I get afraid to open my eyes
As I’m going to see you far away
And I’d think you’re my illusion
Even if you’re the reality…

I want to be your umbrella
When you’re alone in the rain
But I’m afraid to cross the road
That’s separated us
I might lose you again;
I want to be the kite you’re holding
But I’m afraid I might fly away
Leaving you behind
Alone in the field…

I want to be with you
But afraid of hurting you again and again
I can’t leave you either
I might choke myself to death

I’m unable to hold you
Unable to let you go.
That’s how confusing my feelings are
For you.

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