Death Note : Anime Review


We all know what anime is. Japanese hand-drawn or computer based animations are anime, which is attracting a lot of people nowadays, mostly teenagers and young adults. What anime does unlike other western cartoons is that they emotionalize their audience with a pinch of sadness, joy, anger, pain etc. Starting from Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, a lot of anime seems to grasp the attention of us.

Death note is the anime you will want to watch, most likely. It was created by Tsugumi Ohba who succeeded to circulate 30 million volumes of death note. It’s a crime-thriller that also involves some fictional creatures (trust me that’s what makes it more interesting). Death Note is about a high school genius Light Yagami, who finds a notebook that allows Light Yagami to kill whoever’s name is written on the notebook. He receives it from a Shinigami, God of death, and uses it to kill a lot of people he believes doesn’t have the right to live; e.g. criminals. Light Yagami kills a lot of people while experimenting, and the fact becomes viral, that somebody is behind all these killings. Since the people don’t know Light Yagami is doing all these, they nickname the killer as ‘Kira’ (Japanese term for killer).

One of Light’s biggest mistakes was, believing that he could kill all the prisoners and suspects without having anyone in his way. However, he falls in world famous detective ‘L’’s trap, as he narrows down the Kira suspect to Japan. Light joins L to carry out his investigation about who Kira might be. Oh those moments where L didn’t know Light was Kira!

Many of you may not be anime fans. But once you start watching this outstanding anime performance, I bet you will be restless to figure out what happens on the next episodes of Death Note! IMDB rates this series a 9 out of 10. Trust me, it won’t be a waste of time; you’ll love it!

For friends who are anime fans but did not watch death note yet; try finishing all other anime on your watch-list, and then watch Death Note. This series is so thrilling, that you may not find other anime series interesting after you watch this. Save the best for the last!

Netflix is shooting for a death note movie, that is rumored to cast Nat Wolff as Light Yagami.

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