TV Series Review : Breaking Bad


Breaking Bad is a 5-season show by the AMC. It’s about a chemistry teacher around his fifties, who turns into a methamphetamine (drug) dealer due to his financial crisis. He is unable to pay for his cancer treatment, so that’s the illegal path he chooses to earn for his treatment. This series has a pinch of black humor, but has very dark and shivering plots.

Bryan Cranston, who plays Walter White, the chemistry teacher, received 4 golden globe awards, 3 primetime Emmy awards, and it would make a huge list if we also include Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn’s awards for the outstanding crime-thriller of the era.

Aaron Paul plays the role of Jesse Pinkman, a funky pompous student of Walter White. He joins his chemistry teacher to make the drug dealing business a success.

Walter White faces many struggles in his regular life. His wife, Skyler White (Anna Gunn) is pregnant. Their teenage son has a cerebral palsy. He is astonished as soon as he discovers about his lung cancer.

How can this happen? I don’t even smoke.

All the audiences stood speechless after its fourteenth episode in fifth season – Ozymandias; the episode was rated a ten out of ten in IMDB ratings. In September 2013, 10.3 million people watched the breaking bad finale, a majority referring to it as ‘the best finale ever’.

The uncomfortable relationship that Walter White shares with his not-so-liked brother in law Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) who belongs to the DEA was outstanding. This TV show is rated a 9.5 overall in IMDB and a 95% in Rotten Tomatoes. I would say it was more than successful to portray a mix of crime, action, thriller, and drama wonderfully.

“Chemistry is the study of matter, but I like to see it as the study of change”, said Walter White, whose role in his family and friend circle changes as he proceeds to carry on his business.

It’s been three years since the show was over, and till now, I didn’t find a TV Series yet like Breaking Bad that made me shiver, cry and surprised at the same time. Definitely, it’s one of the best shows ever made.

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