The boy looked outside the window as his mind took a trip down  the memory lane. Lately he’d been thinking a lot about “yesterday”, the past- a long way off and a long way down. Cold nostalgia chilled his bones.

A house he could barely recall, a country he could hardly remember any more. However a stem of memories had stayed on with him. Like rain from the heavens, the memories began to trickle down.

The boy knew it was stupid, but the things which stayed with him the most revolved around an attic. He remembered the green carpet which adorned the room. He’d spent days just lying there, as the sunlight came in through the windows while his imagination took over him, captivating and mystyfying him with all the ramblings of a young boy. Dinosaurs, colours, crazy cartoons. etc.etc. He was free from all the worries and curses of life. There was no pressure, no studies and no worries. Life was sweet.

The little ins and outs came back to him now. He could feel his lips curl as his mind travelled back in time. He remembered the little child he had been, dancing and basking in his innocence. Up there back then,  it was a whole different place, to him a whole different world, and he was the king. He would gather up all his toys and just play till his heart’s content. He had not a care in the world, absolutely nothing to worry about.  He’d talk to himself, laugh and dance. He would inhale happiness, as the day slipped away while he rattled about. No one would notice him, not that the he cared about that.

The attic was often contained little knick knacks- little screws, a small ball, a screwdriver- little insignificant things. But his greatest discovery undoubtedly was his beloved snooker board. He had somehow managed to flip it over and then the games began. He would spend hours  playing that game. He taught himself the rules. He played the game with himself, for there was no one to contest against, but even that wouldn’t dissuade him. The hours would fly away as he would play , his face lit up with joy. He really couldn’t put his elation into words.

The attic windows seemed like portals to other worlds. Up there, the windows showed him a different view of the world.-the bright blue sky with the white clouds and the bright sunshine. He would just sit there enjoying the warmth when he had nothing else to do. He remembered seeing his first rainbow up there. He remembered being amazed and dazzled by the majestic mosaic of colours. During winter, he would come up there to see the snow. The white like powder would cover the streets, and its beauty would enchant him, especially as the snow fell down from above the sky to swallow and wrap up the world.

It may have been an attic to people, but to him it never was just an “attic”. It was a place special to him, in a way most people would not be able to understand. It was the place where he let his imagination go wild and manifest itself, it was his own special little bubble. He’d been protective of it, careful not to let it pop. It was his freedom, his kingdom, his world.

The boy snapped his mind back to the present, reality, far away from his wistful dreams of the days before. Time flowed by, nothing could hold it back. He had left that country and that attic a long time back. People had told him that time flew quickly, that everything would go by too fast. The boy didn’t know whether to believe them or not. At times, the memories seemed a long, long time back. At other times, they seemed like yesterday. One thing was true though. There was no going back. He could try, he would if it would have helped, but it all would be in vain. But he didn’t believe in procrastination  and looking back to the past was always distressing. He believed in going forward. The memories may be gone, but their influence, their strength still stayed with him. He may not have the attic now, but he still had his bubble. He believed that the little child had not remained in the memories, but remained with him. With that in mind, he shifted gears to the future and thought about all the radiant days ahead.

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