Take Flight


Your mind is a bird,
So don’t keep it caged;
In a domain where everything
Knows only to wither and fray.

Spread those wings,
Soar high like never;
Wander in this intricate maze forever.

A foolish fantasizer, may you be;
But what’s so wrong in dreaming incessantly?
Ensnare your doubt and tear it down,
Watch it disappear as you fly back to retrieve your crown.
Hope is now, the adornment that you wear,
Say hallelujah! Now you’re the heir.

Caress the moon, shun the stars;
Let the whole world see how you’ve come far.
A perpetual fire – let it ignite,
Dear hopes, dreams and wishes;
It’s time to take flight.

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I don't really have much to say except the fact that I love writing more than anything else in the world and I will keep on pushing myself harder until my dreams become a reality.