“(500) Days of Summer” : Irresistible 500 days of Love


The fancy as well as artistic starting of the movie attracts people on the very beginning though some say they are annoyed by the way it begins on Day 488 or whatever and then jumps around, providing utterly unhelpful data labels: “Day 1,” “Day 249.” Movies are supposed to reassure us that events unfold in an orderly procession. But here the director tried to show how Joseph Gordon starring as Tom recalls his love, Summer, as a series of human emotions which are sometimes happy and in another way confusing.

Zooey Deschanel is indeed a smart choice of director Marc Webb. She is charming and playful. Again she is good at making a slap happy face with an innocent look which can melt anyone with no effort. Her character expresses the individuality ideally. Some dialogues reflects the way how Summer thinks of love and life,

Tom: What happened? Why – why didn’t they work out?

Summer: What always happens! Life.

She is always scrupulously honest with him. She is her own person all the way. Whereas it can be said Tom’s ill luck to fall in love with such pretty, intelligent girl who cannot be mold in anyway.

People love to see the things on screen what they believe in reality, that is one of the reasons why ‘’500 Days of Summer’’ has become so appealing to all. Tom falls in love with Summer from the moment he sees her. His thoughts on love may not run as deeply as, say, those of the Romantic poets. Tom is a simple guy with general thoughts, as he works on a greeting card company it may also seems to audience that he believes what he writes on them. The wishes are not so exotic but they are simple yet touchy. While Summer is his boss’s new assistant who makes her first move over the Xerox machine.

The movie, which is a delightful comedy is about Tom wrestling with that reality, about Tom struggling for getting know what really Summer thinks of their relationship. Summer remains mysterious all through the movie, many people hate Summer and blame her as they think she wastes Tom’s time and keeps him in dilemma. But what the actual thing the director and the story line-up tried to show is the reality of many girls living around us. It is not like if they care for someone too much or they are friendly enough with a guy, they are surely in love with them.  If a woman wants to enchant a man, she is wise to play his pupil.

Tom set out in life to be an architect, not a poet of greeting cards. He and Summer share the same favorite view of Angeles and he conducts for her an architectural trip. This is fun because so rarely in the movies we find characters arguing for their aesthetic values. What does your average character played by an A-list star believe about truth and beauty? Has Tom Cruise ever gone to a park on his day off?

Joseph has acted in a lot of movies, ranging from one of the “Halloween” sequels to the indie gem “Brick.” He comes into front here playing a trustworthy, likable guy, hopeful, easily disappointed, a little Tom Hanks Ian. He is strong enough to expect love, weak enough to get hurt. Zooey Deschanel evokes that ability to madden one with beauty and admiration while never seeming to give it the slightest thought. She also had that quality in the overlooked “Gigantic” (2008), although the movie’s peculiar supporting characters did the worse to it.

The starting of the movie is interesting enough to make one impatient for the rest 2 hours. It is one of the rare movies which begins by telling how it will end and how the hero has no idea of it-

He knows almost immediately she is who he has been searching for. This is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know upfront, this is not a love story.

A wonderful, irresistible feel-good movie about love gone bad. Anyone planning for stayover at dear’s house, well this is a movie you will not regret after watching.

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