Getting out of the “Friend-Zone”


It was her fifth break up. Instead of being a good friend like every other time, I tried to be a little different. Her dazzling pair of eyes, her minimalist but mind blowing make up, and her swoon-worthy hairstyle was very heartwarming. It’s been more than four years now that I’ve been waiting to tell her about my feelings. Tell her how I’d love to dance the whole night with her, play with her hair, paint her nails, and then wake up disappointed, trying to get back to sleep and wishing, ‘Dear God, please don’t let this be just a dream.’

“Hey buddy, can I tell you something?” she said, with her profound voice.

“Anything, Samantha”

“Can you please tell him I’m sorry, and I will change myself? Tell him to come back. I can’t live without him…”

Here we go. I plan a move, and every goddamn time either a moron has to screw it up, or maybe it’s just my stupid destiny.

“Sure pal. I’m going to call him now. See you later. Take care and don’t think too much of it, okay?”

I always said to myself, why carry the same mentality like all the other boys? I ask it to myself every day, and the best answer I could think of was, she’s different. Maybe she belongs to you.

The evening had send the birds to their nests. The street lights clicked on. With a disheartened mood I called him and asked him to meet me near the park. One side of me wished Samantha and Justin to never fight again and live a long happy life together. Another side of me hoped I just stole her heart already.

There he was. I made up a wrathful face, and folded my sleeves.

“Listen. Before you say anything, I want to apologize to you. I realize my mistake, and I promise I will make it up to her.”

“This is your last chance. Don’t screw this up.”

My Samantha was going to be happy again. Sometimes I wish I had not set up her friendship with Justin. I waited for a long time, and these feelings don’t go away. Every day they get stronger. Every day I wait for her to look at me at from my perspective, and that day never comes.

I get up earlier than I am supposed to, with my phone being the first thing I touch instead of a glass of water, only with hopes of discovering her texts. Our office supervisor thinks of me as some kind of mentally ill patient, as I stare at a blank screen with no messages popping up. After my work, I have lunch with my eyes on my phone every time. Even when I sleep, I see her, coming to me. I see her dressed up as the most beautiful bride and myself as a handsome man in his thirties, kissing his bride, Samantha. When I wake up, I again check my phone for her messages, and every single time I wish it wasn’t a dream.

One day, I called Justin and asked him to meet me near the City Park. I decided to confess everything. To my great surprise, he wasn’t angry for telling him about how I feel about Samantha. Then something crazy took place. I turned around. I didn’t even dare to look at her face. I could tell by her blue heels. It was Samantha.

I left. I requested my branch manager to shift me to a different city. It took my three days to pack up completely. I packed my belongings, rented a mini truck, and left my home. I had to leave. These feelings won’t go. I had to make them go.

1 year later

One regular afternoon, I found Justin’s Facebook profile, and I started stalking him. He was married, but not to Samantha. My heart began to beat really fast. I messaged him, and after collecting his number I talked to him.

Samantha left him as soon as she heard how I felt for her. In fact, she tried herself to get out of my ‘friend zone’ , to find  a way to confess. I made it hard for her to contact me, for which we could not communicate.

Without a second thought, I bought the next ticket to Ohio, my home. I looked for her at her office, her home, but everyone said that she shifted . Justin told me that too, but I refused to believe him.

After living an entire week in a motel, and not finding her, I went back to Michigan. I saw her at the airport.

“Sammy? What are you doing here?”

“You didn’t change at all. You are still a fool.”

I laughed a bit, hugged her, and started to listen to her as I offered her coffee.

“Just like you took care of me, followed me every day, and made sure you were more than a perfect best friend, I did the same. I am in love with you, Ben. You didn’t give me a single chance to even speak, so I shifted to Michigan, just so that I could at least see you every day.”

She paused for a bit, and then continued, “You want to know why I had fights with Justin? That was because he caught me staring at your pictures on my phone. That was because he knew you stole my heart. That was because I always loved you, Ben Anderson. I left him as soon as I heard your confession.”

Words can’t describe how I felt at that moment. My heart was filled with tempting affection for her. I brushed her beautiful hair from her face, stood on my knees, and took out the glistening, ravishing diamond ring I bought years ago, yet carried with me every day.

I was out of the friend zone at last.