Dear Crush


Dear crush, look what you’ve done to me.
Turning crazy is all that’s left for me to be.
The day your moon like face first crossed my sight,
The whole of me gave up as if lost in an inner fight.

I saw you and swear, I never wanted to look back
Because you magically filled in all that I lacked.
Now look at me for the sake of what you’ve bequeathed
Why have you had not been confirming my friend request?

Okay, I get it you’re drop dead dashing, intelligent and all
But do you think I came flowing from some Buriganga fall?
Stuffed in my heart there’s more love than you can imagine
Streams through my veins merry cascades you’ve never seen.

But I’m pretty sure you find all of this nonsense
Given that all you ever gave me was ignorance.
Yet I deem it okay cause I know the time will come
When all of these distance and differences will crumb.
And the ultimate journey of love will take its flight,
Leaving behind miles of distress and sleepless nights.

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Amid all the escalating negativity, violence and oppression, I still see love, peace and happiness calling out to me. And my faith of Divinity and love of family impels me to pursue that which not only leaves a mark on the face of this earth, but also outreaches tower of the heaven.