The Birth of A Mother


She screamed in agony. There was blood everywhere. Unbearable pain overwhelmed her. There was darkness all around.

“You can do it! Push! One more time,” the nurse coaxed her. She couldn’t. She was tired. But she couldn’t give up either. The nurse’s voice soothed her mind temporarily, but the agony was far too overbearing.

“I can do it”, she thought to herself. “I can do it for my baby.”

Suddenly, she could not bear it any longer. Every inch of her body was screaming to let go, urging her to give up. She had exhausted the very last drop of her will power. She was dejected. She had failed.

And then, like a burning candle shooing away all the darkness, like a ray of hope amidst despair, she heard a cry. The cry of her baby. She had done it! She had given birth. While the baby wailed on, she found purpose, she found solace. As she took him in her arms for the first time, a mother was born.

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