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This drama has all of my favorite genres in it- Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural and Crime. Who doesn’t like these genres? Well, I hope no one.

Let me tell you this is not like your typical crime dramas. It starts off with a little girl getting kidnapped and killed later on. And a friend of hers witnessed her abduction by a woman. So when the police begins searching for a guy kidnapper, the friend goes to the police many times to tell them about the right suspect who was a woman but no avail as they refuse to listen to the boy. Ultimately  they couldn’t catch the culprit and the case remained unsolved to this day.

Fast forward to the present. It is seen that the friend grew up and became a lieutenant. He was coming back from the police station, when suddenly he received a transmission from the past. The transmissions were between that boy and a detective from the past. With those transmissions they solve all the unsolved cases.

This drama is full of mystery and suspense.  I loved the aspect of the drama so much because it really resembles our society. Some of the cases they showed on the drama are based on true events. The only thing that made me want to kick my brother (the way I express my anger) was the ending. It’s not because the ending was bad, it was actually the exact opposite. The ending was SO good that I hated the fact that there was no season 2 yet.  Yes, it’s that kind of a drama. There are a total of 16 episodes and I finished all of them in two days. Each episode lasts for about an hour. I know it may seem long now, but when you start watching it, it’ll make you want to increase the time. The story, the thirst for more kicks in from the 2nd episode.

Despite being underrated ,the plot and directing is amazing. There is so much detail, suspense and character development. I love watching the refreshing young male lead figure out each case, as well as overcome his own fears and take a leap of faith forward. The use of historical, crime and supernatural elements, all packed into one drama could have gone horribly wrong, but in the right hands it could produce something amazing — and that is exactly what the director and writers have given us. Every character has something to offer to the series, and the different cases — some individual, some webbed intricately together for the main plot — are extremely interesting and on the occasion, fear-enduring and jaw dropping. One of the best dramas of 2016 hands down. That’s why I would like to suggest this drama to everyone out there. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

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