Maa, I got my first salary!” his voice was filled with excitement. “We are going to celebrate today. Do you want to go shopping?” he asked earnestly.

“Come home. We’ll have lunch together. I cooked your favorite curry,” was the mother’s loving reply.

“Ok, set the table. I’ll be home in 10 mins’

That conversation was two weeks old. The salary never reached the mother, the promised celebration never happened, the mother was denied the joy of watching her son devour his favorite dishes. The mother still awaits, with tear-filled eyes, wishing that all that the hijackers had hijacked that day was money, and not her son’s life.
She opened her bag that day and saw a bouquet of yellow flowers there. She looked up at him in surprise. He was smiling at her, with his eyes filled with love. Was she daydreaming? His eyes were bold and beautiful. She forced herself out of her day dream.

“Dried petals look very pretty, I’ve heard,” he whispered. “Keep them inside a book. Let’s see how long you can keep them.”

Since then, the petals have been safely kept inside her favorite economics book. Her favorite subject and favorite gift will always remain together, even if the people part ways forever.

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