10 Reasons why you should start using Kindle


It’s sleek, lightweight, portable and makes you look important in public (I’ve caught a few eyes, yes). Bookworms who enjoy everything from the smell of books to the feeling of having the stack of pages rubs against the thumb have declared war against Kindle. I did too. Until very recently I got my hands on one.

This little block of genius is keeping me up all night without having to keep the lights turned on. The display doesn’t remotely feel like the one on your phone or tab; it’s actually just as white as paper. Not light, paper. Fascinating! Here are 10 more reasons why you should have a go too:

1Save on book-space

We didn’t have a bookshelf and when my reading table was compromised’, I started storing books in my wardrobe and my parents’ before moving on to my siblings’. My mom was ready to throw me out of the house if one more book made its way in.

Kindle stores them lovingly (at least more than my mom) and builds you the library that you had always fantasized in your room like Dexter had his secret laboratory. Anything and everything you’ll ever read out of that screen would be kept ready, literally at your fingertips.

2Highlight/ bookmark without actually “hurting” the book

Yes, we readers know and understand that books have feelings too and we shower every drop of wrath on people who leave the pages with folds on them. Markers are pure sinners and they are going to hell, I tell you! So what happens when you just fall in love with a line on those few neatly printed pages and want them highlighted for a second read? On a Kindle, you could highlight away all you want and get away with it scratch free! The highlights are saved separately and they don’t pop up in multiple shades of awkward colors between you and your beloved book. Also, your book re-opens at exactly the same page you left it, every time; even if you have cheated on it and read other books in between. Such care… Adorable!

3Discreet reading

If you’ve ever tried reading the Order of the Phoenix in class, you know what I mean. Reading in a classroom without being caught is an art not everyone is blessed with, especially if you’re enjoying the read. Kindle makes it easy with a flip of a cover. Read anything, anywhere and stay blessed with the superpower of discretion.

450 shades of privacy

Yes, it works! No one knows and no one will ever know why you have that smirk on (at least not by glancing on the cover). Lock it up for the good term and get naughty!

5Never lose a book

You buy it once, you own it for life. The books stay on your account even if you lose your Kindle.

6Loan your books without getting your heart broken

Kindle allows you to share your books with other users. During the time of loan, you will not be able to access it, just like regular book sharing. Your “friends” will never be able to lose, mark or tear them. Score!

7Track and time your reading

Kindle allows you to be able to estimate the hours your book might take to read and even gives you a breakdown of the time left in chapter with every page you turn. It also keeps count of the percentage of the book read and remaining on the bottom of the screen. No need to stare back and forth at the clock and the remaining pages on your book every time someone asks, “How much longer?”

8Attract potential reading buddies

Kindle has become the signature trademark of a bookworm. Go grab yours and see if you can attract someone to have a meaningful conversation with.

9Get better deals

New releases or classics, nearly all books are more affordable on Kindle then on paper cover. There is also a wide range of $.99 books (best seller category included) which basically saves your wallet hundreds of Taka on each purchase. Imagine trying to buy a fresh copy for 80 Taka even at Nilkhet; it’s that cheap in Kindle!

10It looks cool

It just does.

You probably still won’t go for it calling it too expensive and swearing by the oath of the “real” experience, and that’s just fine. Evolution always takes it’s time.

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