The Story Within


It’s winter, my favorite time of the year. I still don’t understand why some people don’t like this time of the year. Walking down the road to school makes winter look prettier with all the white snow glistening in the bright winter morning sun. The bell rang as I entered the school building. I dragged my lazy self to the noisy classroom on the 4th floor. I sat down next to my best friend, my only friend. The bell rang again and the tortures, the classes began.

I opened my eyes and saw my friend staring at me, trying to stop herself from laughing out loud. I looked at the back of the class where the teachers put up the clock and saw it was 10 am. “I must have fallen asleep”, I thought to myself. I lifted up my head and saw the teacher glaring at me, “You think this is your bed? If you want to sleep that bad, you can just sleep in the detention room. But first, clean up your face and sweep the corridor to brighten up your dreamland. GO NOW!” The teacher’s shout made my heart drop. I almost ran out of the classroom and went to the toilet to clean up my face though I didn’t know why. It was clean enough. It was still better than hearing him shouting at me. As soon as I got to the toilet and looked at the mirror I understood what he meant by cleaning. “Those idiots!” I frowned. They drew all over my face not even leaving on spot clean. What they drew was alien to me. I chuckled at that thought. What a weird way of thinking.  

I cleaned my face in five seconds. As I got near the staircase, I couldn’t help but peek inside the room beside the staircase, the suspicious room. I went inside the room thinking it wouldn’t hurt for a few minutes. As I entered the room I heard a light scream. It was as if I was the only one to hear it. I still entered whatsoever. And the next thing I saw made me wide awake. I clutched my eyes and looked at it again. It was without a doubt a dead body. A dead body of a student of our school; I didn’t know him but the uniform he had on told me. He had bandages all over his left hand. He was lying on a pool of his own blood.

I panicked. Who wouldn’t? I stood stiff for a moment and then ran out of the room and dashed to our classroom to get my friend. On my way I bumped to a guy from our class. I knew him, everybody did. Everyone was afraid of him. I looked at him to say I was sorry but his look frightened me. I fled to my class and saw my friend. I snatched her from her seat and dragged her to that room downstairs. I told her about the body I saw. She went inside to take a look and came back to tell me there was nothing in there. I couldn’t believe her so I stepped in. The scene shocked me. There really was no one there. I got closer to examine the floor in case someone moved the body but there was no trace of blood or someone even coming here. We went back to our class. I was somewhat relieved but it still bothered me the whole class. I just assumed that I was just hallucinating.

The bell rang. It was break time. I was walking to the cafeteria with my friend when I saw the exact same guy coming from the opposite direction. He was with his girlfriend probably. I stood still. How could a guy I’ve never met in my life pop up in my hallucination. I looked at his left hand just in case. And there it was the bandages I saw. There was no way he could have been alive if what I saw really happened. I tried to ignore it and went back. After a while, some teachers came to our classroom asking if we had seen a classmate from another section. I wondered if it was about that guy, but I didn’t respond. I decided to go into that room again. My friend joined me. We opened the door and it was the same scene all over again. I looked at my friend to see if she was seeing the same thing as me. Her reaction told me she was. After that we called for the teachers and that room became crowded in no time. We had a murderer in our school. And for some reason I knew who it was. More like I felt like I knew it, but I didn’t really know it. I went to his class to ask around. I just had to know the truth about who did this and why. I asked around and found out that he broke up with his girlfriend that day and also fought with that scary guy about a debt or something. It seemed like choosing one of them was the easiest idea but I knew they were not involved in this. I was asking his friends about his surroundings when suddenly I felt great pain on my head. It was like as if someone hit me with something hard. I looked up with my sleepy eyes and saw our teacher staring at me with a ruler in his hand. I jumped straight up and looked around and saw my friend sitting next to me giggling. I couldn’t conclude everything. Everything seemed messed up. I couldn’t believe that everything I saw up till now was just all a dream.

Well I guess that’s what happens when you don’t sleep at night and try sleeping in the classroom. But still, that’s not enough to make me give up sleeping in class.

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Hi I'm Mooshda. I'm not really a narcissist so can't say much about myself. But I know that I'm optimistic and cheerful. I'm pretty much tired and sleepy all the time. And sometimes I spend my whole day watching animes, dramas or sleeping, and hearing my parents sighing for having a kid like me. I'm lazy like a panda but hardworking like.... I've no clue. I yawn all the time. I can't live without my chocolates. They are my life. Keep your eyes off of them because they belong to me. And I hate shopping.