5 Tips for Bedroom Decor



Everyone has their own sense of style which has a reflection in their daily work and also where they reside. I will suggest you to explore and experiment with your style. Just like a dress, that represents your personality and taste, the decor of your room must reflect the same.

Start by framing your own artworks and hang them against a white wall. I strongly suggest a white wall since it eliminates the distraction and immediately grabs attention to the hangings. Also, you can do the opposite, black on white or white on black. In case you are not an art person, you can always choose your favorite photographs.


Mirrors are a classic trick. Just by adding a simple large mirror to a small room, you can make it look spacious and breathable and also create a designer look. You can also add bold and decorative ones, but I prefer the simple and large ones for a smaller room since it gives you the illusion of depth. But make sure your mirror Do Not reflect the bed. According to Deleon, “Any mirror facing the bed interferes with your personal energy, it invites a third party into your intimate relationship”. You can use it as a reflection of something that is worth looking at.

USE OF WHITEarchitecture3 (2)

Every architecture student is a fan of monochromes
and I am not an exception. However, choosing white for the bedroom is definitely a good idea but also a complex decision. First of all, you need to know how to use white right. White enhances space and the walls can be used as a canvas. It is easier to put focus on a particular asset and also it draws attention to interior architectural elements. Add some varying textures and shapes to avoid the flat look of all white everything. However, different shades of white will create depth and hierarchy.



When it comes to bedroom lamps or lighting, beyond serving its obvious function, it can also add a stunning accent. Lighting can set the mood of the room. Every light has its own specific story. To utilize the space, hang a low watt pendant light. Hanging them in different height can make the space more interesting. For those who prefer reading on the bed, swing arm and table lamp is a good choice. However, Do Not install light directly over the bed. Too much light can be unpleasant for a room whereas dimmers can help you through that.

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ADDING GREENarchitecture5

Pot plants can act as a powerful design tool for home decor. Moreover, they have various shapes and texture which previously I have stated is essential for a white theme bedroom. However, the thought of pot plant would never come across my mind until I was given a research work to do for my landscape class. Apart from being a gorgeous decor, it also removes the indoor toxicants and purifies the air. Then again you need to do a little study on which plants would be suitable for your room.

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