Immobile, converged to the surface of nothingness, unable to express and unable to disclose is one situation of mighty despair. It is one situation where we don’t want to find ourselves, moments we want to avoid. Yet, there are people stuck inside their own conflicts wondering whether to flee away or not to.

They are imprisoned in depths of darkness and depression, failing to break free. They find themselves in hostile mind-sets, where the ultimate slumber appeals  to their interest. They want death, more than any luxury in the world. They want to leave everything behind because the light at the end of the tunnel begins to seem like a lost hope.

Cases of suicide have always intrigued us and raised questions like, “Why?”, “When?” or “How?”. We are eager to know what led the deceased to commit what they did. The truth is, taking one’s life, especially when it’s their own, is a grave task. It requires abundant courage and self-harming instincts. Suicide has never been deemed positive and will never be understood properly. It tears apart families, shatters hearts and leaves the closed ones appalled. But do you know what’s worse?

What’s worse is to drag a person’s mental state and emotions so deep down in the hollowness of desperation that they can’t escape out of it. We need to put an end to unfair and irrational treatments as such in order to put an end to suicide cases. We need those tears of pain brushing against soft cheeks, oh-so harshly, to stop. We need happiness in this world beaming light to lead one’s way out of the darkness and to open doors for the victimised people to counsellors, all in the motive to bring about change in their lives. We need to work for the better so that suicide is never an option.

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