The Heart Attack


Life was good, like that in a fairy tale;
My sorrows, I’d long put them on sale.
I was living my life in full-time shifts,
When suddenly it confronted me
And took away the best of my gifts.

It was a heart attack that did it all,
Killed my father and made a bad call.
I saw my world turn upside down,
I felt my dreams burst like bubbles
And watched myself in despair drown.

So many places we’d planned to visit;
His life was busy; I wanted to ease it.
There was so much I wanted to tell him,
Trust me, I would have told them all
Only if reality had not been so grim.

The sun that rises and sets every day,
The moon that steals its light away,
I wonder if they weep for my dad,
For they know what he meant to me
And what a prized possession I had.

Now he’s dead I can’t bring him back;
Would that he could really come back.
I wonder if he will ever know how —
How very much I loved him then
And how very much I love him now.

This poetry is written by Shamim Alam.

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