Grand Experience at Srimongol: Grand Sultan Tea Resort and Golf


Maybe you have already travelled half around the world and thinking where to go next? As a passionate traveler let me help you with suggestion. If you are about to spend your next vacation out of Dhaka and have not yet decided where to go, well then the Grand Sultan Hotel & Tea Resort at Srimongal, Sylhet is something I would surely recommend.

If you are planning to start your journey from Dhaka then there is an easiest path that leads to highway to your destination. It would take around 4-5 hours by road and if you have decided to travel by air, then 45 minutes will be the least.

Located at the tea capital of Bangladesh, this exhilarating place is full of amusement and is always ready to fulfill your wishes and wants. Filled with state of the art facilities, this is the first ever Five Star Resort in Bangladesh. It covers an area of 13.02 acres, and is the true combination of exotic hospitable greenish land where you can enjoy your holiday without any disturbance. Here I put some reviews to help you to select where you want to do what!


There are different parts of the hotel. They have divided suites in 7 sectors according to your budget. They are commodious and provide you with all kinds of adroitness. The rooms are divided on the basis of facilities and expenses and are named as:

  1. King Deluxe
  2. Queen Deluxe
  3. Triple Deluxe
  4. Royal Suite Superior
  5. Royal Suite Deluxe
  6. Executive Suite King
  7. Executive Suite Queen

And the last but not the least is Raj Prashad.

These rooms are equipped with high speed Wi-Fi facilities to keep in touch with home and your office.


Talking about foods, they are simply prepared to amaze the visitors. They have four kinds of dining and eatery. Two of them are dining where you can have your lunch and dinner and others are for goodies. Food presentation along with tastes are laudable. You can also have a heavenly view for your breakfast and for dinner there is bar-b-que which is named as “Oronno Bilash”, which is surrounded by greeneries, perfectly made to soothe your mind. There is also Shahi Dine where you can arrange family and business parties.


You will not feel like a wet blanket at all as they replenish you with six different places to explore. The six places are:

  1. Swimming pool and Jacuzzi
  2. Roopnogori Spa and Gym
  3. Indoor Sports
  4. Outdoor Sports
  5. Library
  6. 3D Movie TheaterApart from enjoying the resort you can also have a splendid junket from Srimongol to Sylhet as you can easily arrange micro-buses by contacting with the pragmatic hotel recipients.Srimongol is full of tea-gardens. Crossing the roads surrounded by tea-plants give a splendid view which instantly transforms your mind into a tranquil place.

    We knock around the whole world but feel no interest in visiting our nearby places. Let’s not increase their money, let’s just liquidate the money in our own country and I can tell you for sure you are not going to regret it.

    So, what is making you  wait for so long?

    Start making  holiday plans to spend your time at GRAND SULTAN in a GRAND way!

    Happy Travelling!

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