The Interview


I grew up wanting to be an adventurer, to be surrounded by thrills, fun and friends. I longed to find new treasures every day. But here I am, 15 years later, crying over yesterday’s pitiable interview that my mind cannot let go. I remember glancing down at my wrist watch and the clock stopped at 2.15 pm, as a voice called out my name from the end of the hallway. I picked up my timid frame and paced over to the room 305, where an unoccupied chair awaited me…

“Tell me about yourself,” said the interviewer monotonously, her vacant eyes staring at mine through her thin silver rectangular frames. She sat in front of me in her grey pin-stripe suit, with her face expression indifferent.

“Sophia…M-my name is Sophia Athier,” I mumble. I need to make a good first impression to get the job, but my hands begin to tremble and my voice is going shaky. “Honors and masters completed in computer science,” I pause and try hard to think of something interesting to say. The interviewer is scribbling something on her notepad and she appears unimpressed. I feel defeated already. Maybe I still have a chance to turn things around. Why can’t I remember the answers I rehearsed earlier? Maybe it’s too late to fix this now, but I have barely said anything. I take a deep breath. “My passion lies within computers and technology” I lie, “in fact in the future–”

“What are your good and bad qualities?” she cuts me off with the second question. She interrupted my answer! I feel so belittled. I should be used to it after all the unsuccessful job-seeking but I’m not, am I so tiny and insignificant?

I sit up even straighter in my chair, and try my level best to fake a confident smile; I’ve read that confident body language plays a key role in winning jobs. Then for the rest of the hour, I answer the questions shot at me one by one, with a pretense practiced body language and rehearsed passionless answers.

…And that was when it hit me; I have failed the younger Sophia inside me. Instead of living up to her expectations of fulfillment and success, I am on the path of corporate slavery.