Murder In Mesopotamia : Book Review


“Murder In Mesopotamia” was written by world famous, international bestselling author Agatha Christie. Set in Baghdad, this exciting tale proves yet again just why Agatha Chrisite is known worldwide as the “Queen Of Crime”, with its endless number of twists and turns.

At an excavation site in Baghdad, famed archaeologist Dr Leidner worries about his wife, Lous Leidner’s health. So he calls in nurse, Miss Amy Leatheran to take care of her. Amy arrives at the site to find an anxious and jumpy atmosphere, filled with tension among the members of the excavation. Everyone seemed to behaving too nicely to one another. To quote the book, “Everyone seemed to be passing the butter around too politely”. The hallucinations that Louis Leidner experiences doesn’t help the shaky situation either.

Suddenly Louis is murdered and the already tense atmosphere becomes even more filled with anxiety. It is at this moment that Belgian private detective, Hercule Poirot steps on to the scene. The detective is a little pompous man, with bright green eyes and a moustache. He trusts no one and has his eyes on every member of the crew.

Who could the murderer be? Miss Johnson, long time friend of the head of the expedition, Dr Leidner?  Could it be the highly jealous Mrs Mercerado? Or maybe the mysteriously attractive Richard Carey? Could it be the suspicious Father Lavigny? No one in the crew is exempt from suspicion.

The book is really well written. Agatha Chrisite does a great job on the description and the molding of each individual character, especially the charismatic, enthusiastic little detective, Hercule Poirot. She also outlays the site quite beautifully. The story rushes ahead at a frantic pace. I found myself rushing through and turning the pages with great excitement. The plot twist at the end is completely unexpected and completely mind blowing. I bet you wouldn’t be able to figure out who the murderer actually was!

Like all things, this book too has some flaws and criticisms. Being set at an archeological site, there was a lot of archaeological descriptions about the site. I for one, feel that these archaeological descriptions may be a bit tedious and slightly boring for the common reader.

Overall, the book is a great read and one of Agatha Christie’s gems. I would certainly recommend people to read it.

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