The Call : Movie Review


If you watched the trailer of the movie you probably know what to expect. I thought this would be a typical thriller movie, but The Call changed my predictable narrative presumption completely. If you like your thrillers, rough, ragged and unpredictable, this one is for you!

So basically this movie is about a 911 operator, who gets a call from a young teenage girl who reports about a man breaking in, who seems hell-bent on her rather than robbery. Jordan, the main character breaks the main rule of 911 calls and gets emotionally attached to the caller and calls her back after the call gets disconnected and the phone ringing gives away the girl’s position ending with her getting brutally murdered.

This incident completely changes Jordan’s life as she believes the occurrence was all her fault resulting in her changing her position at the call center from the call operator to training recruits for their emergency service.

Then the second call comes, the newbie at the 911 services starts panicking when the caller gets scared and cries and being unable to handle the caller results in Jordan taking the call in her hands and shows her compassionate side to us again, the competent and compassionate operator who can handle tough calls.

This is where the real journey begins. Casey, another teenage girl has been abducted. She calls 911 while she’s been hidden in the trunk of the car by a phone she had which her friend accidentally kept with her and unfortunately the phone was untraceable. Jordan and Casey go through an adventure starting from breaking tail lights, spilling paint through the broken tail light to create obstacles for the unseen killer. Jordan helps Casey to keep her cool, through the whole act. All over the phone you’ll be rooting for Casey and Jordan during every scene. They don’t give up till the end, the end takes a shocking turn which was quite deranged but you would not have it any other way. Deranged yet deeply satisfying this is an extremely engaging movie. The movie’s ability to surprise us is what makes it worth watching.

This movie had me at the edge of my seat the whole time. It wasn’t long before I was screaming in frustration and joy. Brad Anderson has a skill for tension; his genius trick for manipulation is everywhere. The cinematography, the screenplay, the plot. This film has just enough verbal dazzle and structural daring to be worth seeing.

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