Hellowoo Goseuteu (Hello Ghost) : Movie Review


To be honest, I accidentally watched this movie but I sure am glad I did. I thought this would just be a comedy romance movie where I can laugh my heart out but it made me cry a lot!

Well, the plot is simple. A young guy named Sang Man attempts to commit suicide, but he keeps failing every time. In one of his suicidal attempts, he gets overdosed by medicine and his heart stops. However, he gets taken to the hospital and survives. When he wakes up, he starts seeing ghosts. He visits a shaman to make those ghosts leave him, but the shaman tells him that the ghosts will not leave and they will not let him commit suicide either. Sang Man then learns that if he helps the ghosts fulfill their unrealized dreams, he would get them to leave him alone and he then can commit suicide. Meanwhile, Sang Man meets a nurse Jung Yun Soo at the hospital and quickly falls in love. But the ghosts start taking over Sang Min’s body.

The cast of the movie were pretty well blended. The main actor’s facial expression is what keeps you going. The music was pretty nice too. The story line is not that much though. It starts out pretty boring but then it gradually gets better. Although the movie may have lacked from the comedy department, it has a very good story nonetheless, especially the ending part where the story fully unfolds. This nonsensical film may bedazzle you with its seemingly random humor first hour-and-half. But it will completely throw you off by making you cry 10 minutes straight at the end when you realize what’s going on. You will never know how amazing this movie is unless you watch it till the end. But be sure to prepare a box of tissue.

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