I Dominate


The world we live in today is a blatant representation of the years of complacency towards hatred, intolerance, bigotry and our failure to subsist together as a single entity above all other dimensions of our identity, that is as human beings. But more importantly, it is a world that is controlled only by fear- fear of infringement of one’s rights, fear of being killed and the worst of all, fear of being inferior and dominated. As of now, the concept of humanity has never been so bleak and utopian, the search for rationality and the scope for dialogue has never been so empty and we have never felt so powerless. We have somewhat lost the semblance of balance that regulates life on this planet and it is existential crisis like no other.

Let’s ask ourselves a simple question : What is the fundamental variable of a sentient organism? It is coherent, qualitative and quantitative dominance. In the spontaneity of this dominant intent, the unpredictable variable is the sentience itself. Such a person quests for authoritarian power in almost every sphere. So, in a random assortment of people who make up a society, the trend would be for people to be dominant, given no other factors. What defines dominance is arbitrary and unique to that individual. If he or she ascertains clothes to be the deciding scale of  supremacy, then people will intend to rule through that. If democratic position of power is perceived as the matric, then that is what people incline to. The seed of detestation that is indoctrinated into our minds from the get go across various platforms our family, our society, religious institutions is what ultimately culminates into bigotry. And if this mindset is not contested, an inherent need for this prejudice to be perpetuated is created, in order to dominate through that. What is even more appalling is that sometimes extreme societal constructs are rationalized by the misinterpretation of historical norms, religious principles and outright biased assumptions on the basis of someone’s appearance or way of life. Whether it is the chauvinism towards women, the revulsion towards black people or the stereotyping of Muslims as the terrorist strata of the society, it can be explained by the need for absolute hegemony. This fanaticism is what leads to lost faith in humanity and tears of disgust and streets painted in bright red, augmented by the smell of fear and uncertainty. Where we have really gone wrong is our struggle to find the balance between conservatism and liberalism. We are either ultra-conservative or so liberal that it created regressive controversy for our own movements. We either believe in banning religions or consider only one creed to be the rightful one. We either run naked to get attention towards sexual violence and feel sexually empowered or prevent little girls from even going to school. And under this context, one part of the spectrum essentially provokes the other. But even under that paradigm, we forget that we can be respectful and opinionated at the same time

So, in a society where the basis of co-operative living is to be dominant together there are bound to be internalization of conflicts that nature predicts. How do we regulate human psychology to steer the concept of dominance towards a non-violent and tolerant reality? We, the individuals who still have an ounce of rationality left, have to be the ones who dominate. How do we do that? We appeal to the things that move people to the greatest and we propagate things that cater to both liberal and conservative emotions. I strongly believe that one can conduct and follow their religious rituals however they want to and still be accepting towards other convictions. And I will advocate for this belief. Because we cannot deny the fact that anti-Islamic rhetoric, in the sense that Muslims are called terrorists is what leaves gaping loopholes for many other Muslims to be radicalized. The constant underestimation of a woman’s worth is what pushes her to the internalization of that discrimination.  Appropriating Black people and Latinos as drug-dealers and criminals is what causes them to violently lash out at times and results in them getting more punishment than a white person for the same crime. All of this further reinforces that stereotype and makes the animosity mutual to a great extent. The key to change in a society is to wield the current level of dominance and use it to introduce a new scale. Because, the need for people now to actively stand up against all kinds of bias and all kinds of intolerance is like no other. And I shall dominate.