Pizza Dough


If you are in search of a perfect pizza dough recipe then you have come to the right place. This will give you the softest and fluffiest crust. Follow the tips and tricks below and you will end up with a perfectly risen dough which will make the yummiest pizzas.


1 Cup of lukewarm water
1 Tablespoon of sugar
2 Teaspoon of yeast
3 Tablespoon of oil
1 Teaspoon of salt
4 cups of plain flour+a few tablespoons if required


1. Add the sugar and the yeast to the warm water. Leave it for 5 minutes for the yeast to activate.
2. Add the oil and salt and mix.
3. Add in the flour and mix.
4. Knead the dough for 10 minutes if you are using your hand. Dust your hand with the extra flour and add one tablespoon at a time if it starts to get stickier. (It will get stickier.)
5. In an electric stand mixer, mixing for 5-7 minutes will do. (I am not sure as I have always used my hands for kneading)
6. After the kneading, coat the dough and the bowl in oil and cover the bowl with a clean dry napkin and let it sit for an hour (in this weather 30 minutes shall do).

NOTE: It took me almost one year to perfect the pizza dough. You all are of course more skilled than I am, so hopefully you will get it right. I have tried quite a few recipes and those didn’t work really well for me. This is the perfect recipe if you got some things really clear. First, KNEADING is the key. If you do not knead your dough properly your crust will turn out very hard and dry and not nice. I literally time my kneading process. Second, the YEAST. Make sure your yeast is not expired or too old. When you let it bloom, after five minutes the yeast will rise and become foamy. If you see your yeast is sitting for 10 minutes and it still hasn’t risen, discard it. Finally, the temperature of the water. It cannot be too hot or too cold. Heating a cup of water in the microwave in a glass bowl for 30 seconds works for me.

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