Street Food Around the World


“Food is love, food is life. And if it’s street food then it’s even better.” All food-lovers or “foodies” share this common notion. Food-lovers from around the world love to eat street foods and watch people eat. The word arouses pure, unadulterated happiness.

Every country has their own special and unique cuisine. Street foods also represent the cuisine of ancient eras and specific regions. Street foods are kind of foods which are made and sold in a small food cart and they are cheaper than any restaurant food. They are mostly healthy and have an essence of home-made food. As result, street foods are getting more recognized.

“Street Food Around the World” is a travel show and also a food show hosted by Ishai Golen from Israel. Starting with the music of “Yellow” by Coldplay, this show holds a different way of presentation. In this show, Ishai Golen visits different countries and presents those countries’ cultural and authentic street foods. He also gives a brief introduction of those places. This show was first aired on French travel channel Voyage in 2012. It’s also aired on National Geography and Fox life. Those who are obsessed about food and their culinary history, importance or story they should watch this food-travel show. His show is just perfect for travelers, food bloggers and foodies.

Season(s): 2
Episode(s): 25
IMDb rate: 7.1/10

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