What’s trending this Eid?


Eid-ul-Azha is on its way and we all have this excitement bubbling up in our minds. Everyone is all prepared to flaunt their ensembles coping up with the latest trends and minute-styles.

Here is the guide, one which will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Women’s Clothing

Local fashion

Muslin dress with cut-work and stones

Holding back our tradition, we have Muslins and Khadis on the go this time. After analyzing our local fashion shows, we can see that the top most designers of this country are making the best use of these. A white Muslin saree or kameez with embossed flowers and romantic ruffles/frills on the border or hand printed floral designs are good enough to make you look elegant. You can also pair up Khadi jackets with single colored asymmetrical skirts and carry it with panache.

A white Muslin dress with ruffles and cut-work

South-Asian style with a touch of the west

Stripes on Muslins, Romantic Ruffles, Micro pleats, unstructured top and skirt, exposed shoulders

We all know that ‘capes’ were trending from the beginning of this year. A cape is a sleeveless outer garment, which drapes the wearer’s back, arms and chest, and fastens at the neck. The ‘cape’ trend originates from the 18th century but it was revived again last year by the Kardashian sisters and many other Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. India and Pakistan, and now Bangladesh have embraced capes as their festive wear this year. I have seen capes of many kinds – closed capes, the long floor-touching dupatta styled capes, the kaftan/jacket styled capes and the wing styled cape. Closed capes and dupatta styled capes were worn by many last Eid with skirts or short kameez or long gowns. However, the kaftan/jacket styled capes and the wing styled capes are yet to be popular among us. These capes would help to make you shine bright with stones or pearls embellished on them or a nice cut-work border. They can also be paired up with tulip or cigarette pants or even with a done up denim or low slung pant. You can also pair up a nice and simple saree with a closed cape with zardozi work on its lower border.

Winged cape with embossed leather flowers
Saree with closed cape

Simple and long Kamdani, Gotapatti and Chiffon embroidered suits/kameez were the Eid craze last year, but we can charm it up more this season by stitching them with more designs such as Muslin or net frills/ruffles on its border, or making a semi long coat out of it with slit in the middle and pairing it up with a floral skirt of a contrasting color.

Semi-long kameez or kaftans with sophisticated embroidery, paired up with cigarette pants can be worn as a regular, college or office wear or it can even be your Eid morning outfit. Kameez or tops with frills and romantic ruffles on its border, sleeves and shawls or embossed flowers with net material or embroidered leather work or cut work over Muslins with stones or zardozi are the bespoke tailoring of this season which would speak for itself. Tie-dye, stripes and check printed unstructured tops, kameez and micro pleated dresses with exposed shoulders are very much on trend too especially on silk so that the piece will drape flatteringly on anybody.

Colors which are on vogue this year are white, pastel blue, green, yellow, peach, crème, Tiffany and other monochromatic colors.


Kundan Choker

Chokers can be your style statement this Eid if you don’t believe in it’s rumored origin. You can flaunt that elegant look in your Eid evening with a Kundan/Polki Choker pairing it up with your desired sleek evening wear from above. Fashionably designed gothic lace, spiked chokers or golden metallic Egyptian chokers can be paired up with spiked or metallic heels and clutches and can be worn with a suitable simple one colored western wear for a lustrous look. Capes would not always complement a choker or a short neckpiece but long suitable chains can be preferable.


Pop colored liner and eye shadow with plumped lips
Pop colored liner and eye shadow with plumped lips

Metallic and glossy lipsticks with pop-up colored liners and eye shadows holds the floor in this section, but if you are not a fan of all these then don’t worry! Contoured matte lips and neutral eye makeup is always there to steal the show. Intense highlighter on cheek bones, bridge of your nose, inner corner of your eyes and cupid of your lips will always help you to shine bright like a diamond.

You can create a style statement out of anything you wear whether it is off-trend or on-trend. You can be the trendsetter if you know how to carry off whatever you wear or even make anything you wear look like it’s worth a million dollars regardless it being economic just by pairing it up nicely and suitably.

So ‘fashion’ is you’!

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