Just 4 AM Things


Remember when Ted said that “Nothing ever good happens after 2 am”?

Well he was wrong.

I can get all my work done in 30 minutes what usually takes around 4 hours at other times. It’s probably because all the annoying people have gone to sleep by then. You know what the real time is after which nothing good happens?

No. it’s not 3 am. A lot of horror stories are written surrounding 3 am. So, I’m guessing 3 am inspires plenty of creepy people.

It’s 4 am.

See, by then even the cool people had gone to sleep. And you’re left staring at your ceiling, wondering about all the things that are wrong in your life. That horrible job offer that you turned down suddenly seems like a brilliant idea. But it’s too late. And you have no job. Actually you probably have two jobs, but now without your third job, you can’t afford that expensive gorgeous pair of shades that you wanted.

So, you decide to scroll through facebook or instagram because, well… you have nothing better to do. And that’s when you see it — the achievement of your entire friendlist, which was somehow nonexistent during the evening. Wondering where all the 9gag posts went, your confidence decreases a little as you see one of your dorky classmate’s recent photo where she suddenly turned insanely hot! Guilt washes over you as you think of the four donuts and the litre of ice cream that you feasted on a few hours ago. Scrolling down a little more, you’ll find some other classmate who has recently gotten into his/her dream university, which happened to be your dream university but you never got around to applying.

And just when you’re about to log off, the last person you expected to text you does — your ex. Just when you almost forgot that he had sleep issues too! But he’s your friend, so it’s totally normal, right? He was pretty cool, funny, charming even. Why did we ever break up again? Aww, he’s being so nice. Maybe deep inside you do miss him. Maybe, you still even like him? Wait, do you? He’s just too nice. Then again, you guys were so different. Wait, is he hitting on you? Why is he bringing up the good stuff? Why are you even talking to him at this hour?  Retreat retreat retreat! This is just…

Wait, your crush just texted too! Something about maths homework! Aww, he’s so smart still studying at this hour. Why couldn’t he just like you!? Should you keep talking?. Maybe try to be funny. Guys love that, right? Okay, wow that was bad. And really rude!  There goes your chances forever…

Why are you even up at this hour again?

Yes, my friend, nothing good happens after 4 am.

Now you know why.

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