The Faithful Liar


Now that I’ve realized it though it’s late
I think as I stare at the burning pyre
In the world of seven wonders, the universe of bizarre people
I’ve seen only a single faithful liar.

Through my penniless days she held my hand
Tried to fix my heart that was enraged, confused and shattered
Kissed me when I lost my temper, listened to my silly stories
To her, everything about me mattered.

Hid her illness because of my indigent days
When I asked her whether she was okay, she nodded
This helped me rearrange my life, though I failed to understand my wife
Whilst her lying heart applauded.

Every day she worked till dusk from dawn
When I came home she gave me time, claiming she was not at all tired
Made my favorite dishes every day, repeatedly hiding her sweat
Indeed she was a faithful liar.

Took care of our children, managed each of their beseeches
Got no gifts from us in return
We owe her what anyone can’t payback in centuries
Oh faithful liar, what have you done?

Soon we got to know that her days were numbered
There wasn’t a thing about her anyone didn’t admire
She said her last words to us, though no goodbye is perfect
Rest in peace, dear faithful liar.