Vanilla Blue Smoothie


Snap! The thermometer reads 40°C! Are these hot and humid days tiring you more than which is tolerable? Is the scorching sun tormenting your body and sucking out all the juice? Well if the answer is a ‘yes’ then this is a summer smoothie you need to replenish your body and soul. This is a refreshing and healthy vanilla blue smoothie that is sure to refresh you. Beat the heat this summer by preparing this delicious smoothie by following this quick and easy recipe.

Preparation for smoothie:

sweet yoghurt: 3/4th cup
milk: 1 ½ cup
sugar: 1 tbsp
vanilla extract: 1 tspn
blue food color: 3-4 drops
vanilla Ice cream: 3 scoops

For Garnish:

Heavy whipping cream: ½ cup
Sprinkles and wafers

Add one by one to the blender yoghurt, milk, sugar, vanilla ice cream and vanilla extract. Blitz it all up till it is smooth as a smoothie! Then add food color one drop at time till it reaches your desired color. Store the cream and bowl in the fridge till last minute. Whip the whipping cream with the aid of an electric mixer till it forms soft peaks. Top the cream on the smoothie and garnish with wafer and sprinkles and maybe an umbrella if you have one! You can serve with ice too. This recipe serves four but you can always make more or less. Enjoy your summer drink now!