The room was still the mess she left it in. The wedding party was more boring than she had anticipated while getting ready. She deliberately took 30 minutes extra to get ready, so that they could start late. Newly married herself, she felt for the bride and hoped that she didn’t have to be one more unknown face running to the stage to take a picture with the new bride. The later they went in, the better.

She went straight in for the makeup remover in the drawer when her husband walked in.

“Do we need to clean up all this mess tonight? Can I just roll the towels and the clothes together and dump them on the floor? Please?”

Sara turned to her husband and stared at his pleading eyes before replying, “I will clean all that up after I’m done with my face.” The bitterness in her voice made Wasif ponder on what he might have done wrong. He soon realized it wasn’t him. Sara was upset of seeing herself in the mirror, again.

Wasif noticed the confusing occurrence a few times over the six months of their marriage. He found Sara to be the prettiest lady in the world and didn’t remotely understand Sara’s own dissatisfaction. He would keep on telling her how beautiful she is, but all his efforts eventually went in vain.

When Sara returned after cleaning up herself, she found herself in a clean room with all of the mess neatly folded away in the cabinets. She wasn’t aware of the smile that had already lined up her lips, but Wasif noticed for sure. He was smiling right back at her. “I couldn’t bear to see my pretty wifey folding up any mess.” Sara was sharp in her reply, “I wish I really was as pretty as you keep saying.”

“Come here, Sara. You need to see this.” Wasif commanded without moving his eyes from his phone screen. She peaked and saw a pair of starling eyes on the screen, then of a really wide smile that made her smile back at the picture. Wasif’s finger swiped away as Sara watched. The next picture was of someone for the back with beautiful curly hair flowing in the air. Sara felt like she had seen this girl before, although the pictures were cropped in such a zoom that she couldn’t quite recognize her.

“Nice pictures, aren’t they?” Wasif asked.

“Who is she?”

“I thought you would recognize her. It’s you, Sara.”

Wasif showed her the original pictures he cropped the snaps from. Those were indeed her eyes, her lips, her curls that made her feel so jealous. She stood up to face the mirror, suddenly conscious about herself, her entire being was under question. She was beautiful, even without the makeup that she had just washed off. Wasif had known all along, and finally, she did too.

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