Mango Smoothie Bowl


Food trends change like the seasons and according to the world, smoothie bowls are the new trend. This is a phenomenal idea as it is packed with flavors, nutrients and freshness. Smoothie bowls are slightly thicker than the traditional smoothie as they are served in a bowl and eaten using a spoon, rather than being drunk. They also look pretty and appetizing! Great way to feed fruits to adamant kids. There are several different variations. This is a simple mango smoothie bowl.


  1. Mango- 1
  2. Banana- 1
  3. Strawberry- 5-6 pieces
  4. Milk- 1tbspn
  5. Honey- 2 tspn
  6. Almonds- 1 tbspn
  7. Pomegranate-  for garnish
  8. Marshmallow- for garnish


Peel and slice the mango, into chunks. Do the same with banana. Pour in the milk in your blender first, as when the liquid stays at the bottom it blends up better. Add in the strawberries and honey also. Honey will give it natural sweetness. To make it even healthier, like it wasn’t already, chop up some almonds and throw them in too. Pour all the mixture into a bowl and decorate the top as you like. This one has a bright pop of colors, done with pomegranate seeds, banana slices and marshmallows. You can decorate them as you like, the sky’s the limit!