5 Reasons Traveling Should Be on the Top of Your To-do list


For many people traveling is exorbitant. Well, if your definition of traveling is flying first class and having a car wait to receive you at the airport, staying in 5 star hotels with swimming pools and free breakfast buffet then I am afraid we are not on the same page. Traveling is a lot more than just staying away from home for a few days. It’s an experience of a lifetime. The reasons you should consider it to be on the top of your priority list are as follows.

  1. Everyone deserves a break

This undoubtedly is the top most reason people go traveling and to be completely honest this should it.  It is absolutely okay to skip class/work once in awhile. In fact, it is necessary to leave the burden of your life at home for a few days. Pack your bags and set off on a journey that will not only calm your mind but also enrich your life.

  1.  Get enlightened about different cultures

When you visit a new place you get to know people from different cultural backgrounds.  It is advised that you meet new people and talk to them.  Get to know about the things that make their culture unique.  If you can afford it, visit places where the emperors of China lived, explore the mysterious pyramids of Egypt, stop by the ancient pagodas in Japan and see how the life of the people in those regions changed over centuries.  Don’t have the time or money to travel abroad? Visit the hill tracts of Chittagong, the tea gardens in Sylhet and the beautiful temples of Bandarban. You will be surprised how culturally diverse Bangladesh is.  The people from different tribes will make you feel foreign in your own country.  Be part of festivals people around the world celebrate of which you had no idea.

  1. See life from a different perspective

This is closely associated with the previous point I talked about. When you have seen life from the eyes of other people, unknowingly a positive change will be brought about you.  The problems people face and how they tackle it, the uncountable things they are willing to do for their faith and the kind of lives they live will make you appreciate your own life. It will make you reflect upon your qualities and will help you make decisions based on the new knowledge you have gained in your journey.

  1. Cuisine

Trying out various food items you wouldn’t normally eat at home is another excitement of traveling.  You might not always like it. It may be bland or too spicy for your taste, but when you get back home you can tell your mates how diverse the cuisine around the world is. It will amaze you how the same combination of foreign food that makes you twitch your face is the favourite of thousands.  

  1. Language

When you go to a new land where the conversation between the shopkeeper and his customer is taking place in a foreign language, it’s human instinct to try to comprehend the meaning of their speech.  In a time when most people are acquainted with the English language, it is rare to pick up a few foreign words on a two day trip. Just to expand your knowledge you can learn a few words and even sentences from the friendly waitress or the cheerful man from room service.

You, I hope, have realized from reading this article that traveling does not necessarily need extravagance. It can be a journey towards self-improvement besides relaxation of your mind, no matter where you visit, be it Sylhet or Florence.

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