Strawberry and Mango Popsicles


Prep time: 10 minutes                                                                                                                                           Cook time: NIL

Beat the heat this summer with the nutrients of seasonal fruits in a delicious way. When mango and strawberry season are at their peaks, what better to do with them than make popsicles? This is a recipe even a seven year old will be able to do, if proper instructions are given that is! So let’s make fruit freezes!


  • Mango- one large
  • Strawberry- 20 pieces
  • Sugar- 1 tbspn


Prep the strawberries first. Remove the leaf from their heads and cut them into halves. No need for knife skills or precision as this will all be pureed. Add the sugar and let it be for ten minutes. This will sweeten the strawberries as the ones available in our country are excessively sour and will also release some of their natural juices, to give it a smooth puree. After that, peel the mango and get rid of the cheek and cut it into chunks. Blitz the mango in a food processor or blender, scoop it out and wash the container. Then, blitz the strawberry too (see why washing it is necessary). Time to fill up your popsicle moulds! You can make striped patterns or keep it simple. Freeze them for a minimum of five hours and viola! You can now enjoy your fruit freezes. This is a healthy, all natural recipe as it uses only fresh and real fruit puree, perfect to combat the monsoon dehydration.