Anime Review: Kyoukai no Kanata


So I’ve always been an anime person, way since I was a child. Like most of the anime fans, I also entered the anime world with Pokémon (Can’t wait for ‘Pokémon Go’ to be legal in Bangladesh) Uh, well so I’ve watched a fairly good amount of anime. Amongst all of them ‘Kyoukai no Kanata’ made into my top 10. It is that good!

Firstly, this anime starts off with a high school sophomore named Akihito Kanbara. He is half youmu and invulnerable to wounds as he can heal quickly. But his physical appearance resembles a human. One day, Akihito encounters a freshman named Mirai Kuriyama. She was about to jump from the school rooftop, when Akihito saves her. Mirai was unique amongst the spirit realm as she had the power to manipulate blood which was rare. Many unnatural and unimaginable events begin to unfold after Akihito saves Mirai. So mainly this anime is the mixture of fantasy, slice of life, supernatural — these three amazing genres. It has amazing character development; you can’t help but get attached to every character, even the supporting ones. And the action scenes are very intimidating. There are also those parts where you’re going to need a box of tissue (or maybe two).

The story develops pretty quickly and every episode is a cliffhanger. Even the music — the original sound track and the ending theme song both are nice. There are funny scenes too which will absolutely make you laugh out loud. Oh, there’s also a bit of romance (not the cringe-y type lol) which will make you satisfied. And there’s also a movie which takes place one year after the anime series. I suggest watching that but be prepared with boxes of tissues. There are two parts of the movie; the first part is basically the re-cap of the anime series, so you should just skip to the second part which is based on what happens afterwards.

Although I think most of the people already watched this anime, I still wanted to write a review for this. And for those who didn’t, why? Just what are you waiting for? How can you not watch this anime? Get going and start today! This is an anime you just can’t miss.

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