Chicken Cordon Bleu


Oozing molten mozzarella dripping from inside a chicken breast. The crunchy outer coating and succulent tender chicken inside. Swiss food sounds irresistible and here is an easy Swiss recipe that will make just anyone salivate. This recipe has three components: two sides and one main that go together just perfectly.

Prep time: 40 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes

Preparing the Rotini pasta salad:


  1. Potato: 1 cubed
  2. Tomato: 1 diced
  3. Peas: 1 handful
  4. Rotini pasta: 1 handful
  5. Carrot: 1 cubed
  6. Extra virgin olive oil: 1tbspn
  7. Salt: 1tspn
  8. Pepper: 1 tspn
  9. Lemon juice: 1 lemon
  10. Water: 500 ml

First of all prepare the salad so that it has plenty of time to soak in the dressing. Peel and dice the potato and carrot into bite size pieces and throw in a pot of simmering water to cook for thirty minutes. Also add in a handful of rainbow rotini pasta and cook until al-dente, which will add more colors to your dish. Then, cube down one tomato. Now prepare a quick dressing by adding the olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice. Fish out the tomatoes, potatoes and pasta and run under cold water. Place all the vegetables and pasta in a bowl and pour in the dressing. Toss well until the salad is coated and leave it to rest.

Preparing the creamy mashed potato:

  1. Potatoes: 3
  2. Salt: 1tspn
  3. Pepper: 1tspn
  4. Chili powder: ½ tspn
  5. Creamy cheese: 3 triangles
  6. Milk: 2-3 tspns
  7. Water: 500 ml

Cut the potatoes in halves and let it boil for 30 minutes. Take them out and then peel them. Cut through them with the help of a fork and add salt and pepper generously. Mix them through and also add 3 triangular blocks of cheese. This will give it a creamy texture. Add chili powder according to taste. If you think the mash is too thick you can thin it out with milk or cream accordingly. Either ways, it should be very smooth.

Preparing the chicken:


  1. Chicken breast: 3
  2. Mozzarella cheese: 100g
  3. Salt: 1 tspn
  4. Pepper: 1tspn
  5. Chili powder: 1tspn
  6. Onion powder: 1 tspn
  7. Garlic powder: 1tspn
  8. Detos/ Doritos: 3 packets
  9. Egg: 1
  10. Flour: 2 tbspn
  11. Vegetable Oil: 1 cup


Mix together the salt, pepper, chili powder, garlic powder and onion powder and keep aside. Also keep these ready: beat the egg, cut out mozzarella slices, and bash up the Doritos. To prepare the chicken, slice the chicken breast from one side so that it opens like a book. Take some of your seasoning mix and sprinkle and pat on both sides. Also add a pinch or two of it to the flour and beaten egg and mix well. It is important to season all the layers of your dish if you want a flavorful outcome. Next, take mozzarella slices and place it on the center of that opened chicken breast, frozen mozzarella is best preferred here. The traditional recipe calls for a slice of ham under the cheese, which you can add now. Roll up the slice of chicken so that the cheese is intact. Set up a coating station beside your stove by placing the Doritos adjacent to the frying pan, then eggs and then flour furthermost from the stove. Heat the oil and then coat the chicken. First cover the chicken with flour, next dip it in the egg, following that wrap it up with Doritos and drop it in the hot oil. Cook for 3-4 minutes on each side and you will know it is ready when you hear a crackling sound. Dredge out from the oil and slice in when still hot to get that ooey gooey molten cheese. Serve it with the two sides.