Korean Drama Review: White Christmas


School life is something one dreams of enjoying until reality hits hard in the head, we sometimes trip, sometimes laugh forgetting all the storms forming around us and sometimes cry like there’s no tomorrow, thus changing immensely throughout the journey. While going through all sorts of stages of emotions, uncontrollable feelings and unbound thoughts regarding the world around, people rediscover themselves. Sometimes someone may get tired of this adventurous school life and just simply regard it as a prison. But how would one feel if this rollercoaster ride of school was a prison not metaphorically but literally?

The Korean miniseries “White Christmas” projects all these things, but in a different light than the ones usually seen. The story starts with the top 1% student of the country living in the secluded Soo-sin high, hidden deep in the mountains, a life pretty much forced upon them, a life most of them want to discard for the taste of freedom wanting one free of the pressure of competing with friends they’re supposed to rely on. Now in this situation, imagine receiving a letter right before Christmas holidays, saying:

“Under the clock tower, you will find someone dead. The night that Jesus was born, I curse you.”

What would any student do in this situation? Probably, no wait, definitely run away to the comfort of home expecting Santa and playing snow fights. Except the ones receiving are far from doing anything of the sort and thus 8 students who are completely different from each other decide to spend their holiday within the high walls of the prison like school upon receiving a letter from an anonymous writer.

8 students trapped in a boarding school with a teacher and a psychologist seeking shelter, creates the most unbelievable of situations, ones that make them face the question, Are monsters created, or are humans born monsters?” Searching for an answer to this question within the 8 days of holiday, they get tangled up in a thrilling adventure of solving the mystery of anonymous letters with threats, rediscover their beliefs, feelings and thus themselves. Though the name is “White Christmas” and the place is filled with snow, you’ll soon realize that it is in no way white but filled with dark materials and school life might actually be nothing like it seems.

Though I’m a huge fan of korean dramas, I haven’t watched many of them due to my fussy nature. But there are certain dramas which have satisfied, more like quenched the thirst of this over-critical soul of mine and among those few, one that has truly beguiled me is “White Christmas”, a drama which took me to a completely different realm through a thrilling journey showing me a kaleidoscope of emotions.

It’s an 8-episode K-drama with a very intriguing plot that would keep you on your toes till the very end. Many of the actors and actresses though being relatively new back then, played their roles really well. The soul of the plot doesn’t only live on the storyline or characters, but the background score as well which is a perfect combination of the different aspects of emotion portrayed throughout the entire drama. Also the ending truly satisfied me. Trust me when I say this, watch it and you won’t regret it if you’re a fan of mystery and thriller.

Number of episodes: 8
Duration per episode: 1 hour (approx.)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
IMDb ratings: 8.6/10
Directed by: Kim Yong-soo
Written by: Park Yeon-seon

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