The male faces in the classroom did not count at all. Pulchritude paused my purposes of trying to be a paragon. The girl in red stole my attention the most. She came towards me, to ask for help with her assignment. Her pristine odour took me to a sense of hallucination where I pulled her closer towards me and unleashed the lustful beast imprisoned in my soul.

“Well if you face further problems, we can arrange a discussion session after class if you want.”

“I’ll let you know Mr. Samuel.”

I smiled at her.  She had a voluptuous torso . My next class went the same way, except for there were many of my angels present this time.  

“Just one night with each and every of you,” my lascivious heart pointed towards those girls.

After my lectures, I went straight to the office, where I hold a major position in the firm. While monitoring the work progress of my subordinates, I noticed the accountant sleeping. I entered her cubicle. I was going to pat her, and ask her to get to work by whispering in her ears, and removing the strings of hair from her face so that she looked more beautiful.

Instead, I made a sound by tapping on the table.

“I’m so sorry sir,” she got up immediately, “I should not have fallen asleep.”

“It’s okay Miss Alice. Happens at times. Be careful from next time.”

“I promise sir it won’t happen again.”

“Why can’t you concentrate? Why are you sleeping now? What was the night for?”

“I get tired after making dinner. I can’t sleep. I should visit the doctor.”

I looked around to make sure no one was watching. Slowly I looked at her torso making sure she noticed it. She blushed.

“How about I make you dinner tonight? We will see who gets the better sleep.”

She held my collar, pulled me closer, and replied, “Deal.”

As she bit her lower lips, my intentions turned more devilish.

More or less we all have a dirty mind. It depends on who focuses more on developing it.

I dressed up in a greyish suit. Fixing my hair and making it look the smartest; I bought a bouquet of white roses. She looked alluring than ever as she responded to my ringing the bell. We didn’t talk much. I waited on her sofa till she invited me to her kitchen. I helped her with the steak and arranged the table. She smiled every now and then, trying to express her phony love.

At dinner, she talked to me about how she wanted a promotion.

“I promise to fulfill all needs of my dear boss to get this opportunity,” she said.

After dinner, she asked me to help her clean up the plates. A moment later, she left me alone at the sink, whispering, “I’ll wait for you upstairs.”

Sure you will.

I went upstairs, and saw her sleeping on her bed, in her lingerie.

What a beautiful girl. She was going to give her body up for a night.

I helped her asleep body get under the blanket. I left.

While she made the salad, I poured Benzodiazepines in her wine. That’s what made her fall asleep as soon as she got on bed, while waiting for me to undress her and satisfy both of our unholy needs.

Now you’ll learn a lesson and not sleep at work lady.

I went home, and saw the only thing that kept me from letting my lustful heart from conquering. It was extinct, though it was the only thing that helped me with this. The students of mine, the colleagues, subordinates, and every other piece of attractiveness would have had a taste of my lustful form if it wasn’t for that thing. It is really difficult for me to control those feelings. I have stayed without those actions that I imagined for more than ten years now, and every single day it got harder.

Yes, it’s been hard for me to control this libido heart of mine ever since the death of my wife. Devil does want my soul. I will let him play with it, but at the end of the day, I will trick him. This will happen every day, and every single time I will win. Her picture on my wall is my aspirin.

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