I Belong!


I live here
And this is my very own place.
Still I don’t belong here!

My heart keeps searching for places
Where my soul can rest.
But it’s for sure that
It isn’t the place to take a break!

Everything here belongs to me
but where do I belong?

Whenever I do something
I fall into greater misery.
I get angry, I feel frustrated
And I become empty.

Surrounded with so many people,
I feel clumsy
Thus this place makes me lonely.
I know them very well
From the beginning of the story
But do they know me?
Do they know where I belong?

I feel confused
With my own existence.
My soul becomes sick
And the unspoken words echo
Every time they make a sound.
But can’t be expressed!
My heart cries for places
Where I can be free again!
But where is that place?
The place I belong?

Everything here are for
My best
But I can’t stop asking
Where do I belong?

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I am a college student. I don't have many things to describe about myself. But some things I can say that i am enthusiast about learning things and doing different kind of works. Even though I've failed many times I still like to try to do something new. And I hope to find more about myself.