Promises to Sara


I failed to be a perfect father without the brace of my wife
To Sara, her stories remained unspoken
During her birth I promised her a happy family
And the promises are now broken.

Depression made me ill, and cause a demotion in my workplace
Wealth was a dream impossible to grip
Couldn’t afford a good school for Sara
There were more promises I failed to keep.

I promised to buy her new clothes every Christmas
Also decorate our home as she pleases
But I had to work even during every Christmas for extra money
And this promise as well broke into pieces.

I promised Sara a cellphone if she gets good grades in exam
A good cellphone for her was out of my budget, though my Sara succeeded
I bought one on installment, gifted it to her
Sara smiled and said she doesn’t need it.

It was time for my Sara to go to college
She got scholarships, so that for me it would be easy
One night she came home with blood on her clothes
As the whole world around me seemed tizzy.

My Sara was raped while on her way home
“My price is expensive”, said the corrupt inspector
I failed to be a husband, failed to be strong.
I failed to be Sara’s protector.

Sara recovered soon, though mentally her health was unstable
With lot of difficulties she graduated, but according to my promise I was not there for her
The last words I said to her is that if I was the guardian of the galaxies
She’d be my most precious shooting star.

My Sara was not happy in life
Under the tombstone now as I remain
I promise God to drag me to hell for not keeping my promises
I failed to keep my Sara happy, though she never even complained.

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Rafeed Elahi is a football lover, a movie adherent, and a writer by passion.