A tinge of gasoline littered the morning air.  Jason puckered up his nose and wearily rubbed his eyes. It had been a week since camp had started but he was still not used to waking up at around sunrise.

Jason had always been attracted by summer camp. To him camp, meant new people, new surroundings and a month of freedom and escape from his nagging family. After many arguments and persuasions, his family decided to let him go to a camp this year. He packed his bags and soon he was off to his camp.

He had fairly enjoyed the camp so far. He had taken part in most of the activities, made some new friends and generally had fun. However there was one thing that unsettled him and all the other kids at camp — the late night piano music that they heard.

One night Jason was awoken by an up-beat, light hearted piano music. He checked the time as he rubbed his eyes — three am. The music stopped after a while and Jason didn’t think much about it that night. However, after hearing what his friends had to say about the occurrence, his curiosity was arisen.

Apparently Jason wasn’t the first person to have been awoken in the middle of the night by the music. Other kids had gone through what he had and at the exact same time too. What was strange was that only person at a time could hear it. There were instances when one kid had been awoken by the music, whereas another person who was awake at that time did not hear it. Older members, who had been to the camp three or four times around, had even looked around the camp to find a piano, but to no avail.

The older kids also said that every year at camp at least two to three people went missing. They would be happy and having fun and then suddenly one day, they weren’t at breakfast. They were gone, simply like that. Rumours had circulated that the kids were lulled and entranced by the music and that it had led them astray.

Jason didn’t think too much about this at first. That was until, one day, out of the blue one of his fellow campers, Joshua, vanished. All his belongings and possessions still remained,  but the camper was  gone.  

Everyone started blaming the music. Joshua was not the type of person who would go out exploring at night breaking curfew. For him to just vanish without explanation like this was just eerie. His disappearance sent a wave of panic across fellow campers.

Jason was one of those panicked campers. He immediately called home and asked his folks to pick him up. Though somewhat surprised at their son’s request, his parents came and took Jason home.

A few days later Jason was in the car with his dad. He took out his phone to check the time when suddenly the eerie piano music from camp started playing from his phone. Neither his media player nor youtube was open on his phone.  No matter how much Jason tapped his phone, it wouldn’t stop.

At one point, frustrated and agonized, Jason threw his phone away from him. It nearly hit his dad, who was driving. His dad then pulled the car over. From his reaction throughout the whole ordeal, Jason figured that he had not heard the music and had only now reacted to the phone throwing. His dad asked him what the matter was.

Jason began to tell him, when suddenly he felt his jaw stiffen.  His lips felt like they were glued together. He tried to get the words out, but he couldn’t.  All the while the music continued playing. Suddenly Jason heard it playing outside the car window as well.

He suddenly felt compelled to follow the music. After a bit of struggling, he finally managed to open his mouth. The force required for him to do so, cut his lips. He  then turned to his father, with blood spewing from his lips and told him, “ I’ve got to follow the music, I’ve got to follow the music.”

Without another word, Jason got out of the car and started walking aimlessly ahead of him and took a turn. His dad rushed out of the car, calling after him, but when he turned the same corner his son did, he found no one there. His son had vanished.

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