Chocolate Jello Pudding



Milk 500 ml (reduced)
Chocolate ice cream
Melted chocolate
2 tablespoon gelatin

Procedure: Boil full cream milk and reduce the quantity to half of it. For e.g. If it is 1 liter boil and reduce to ½ liter or 500ml. On a different pan take warm water as much as needed to soak the gelatin. Once dissolved add it to the milk. Notice while it’s getting dissolved by then melt as much chocolate as you desire and gradually add them together. Since I used cream chocolate and ice cream, I didn’t need sugar but if you want or need you may add up by taste. Now it’s time to add the ice cream! Once the milk mixture is cool enough to beat, add chocolate ice cream to it. You may even exclude if you don’t want your pudding melting. Beat on medium. Get your molds ready. Pour in and refrigerate till its compact!

You can use any other flavors as desired and halal gelatins are available in grocery stores; you may even use china grass if you are unwilling to use gelatin.

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