Jhalmuri Wala


Beside those big schools at the roadside
The Jhalmuri Wala used to sell his delicious puffed rice.
As soon as the bell rang and school was over,
Students, guardians rushed to him for the daily tasteful surprise.

He added lemon to give it a mild taste
He added a lot of indian spice
Some loved it peppery while some loved it salty;
After all it was Jhalmuri Wala’s delicious puffed rice.

With really low price came the delicious puffed rice.
Jhalmuri Wala became rich soon as his product impressed many
As impossible it might sound
He decided to give a small company.

One day a few men dressed in uniforms
Came to Jhalmuri Wala and destroyed his small cart
Threatened him to not sell products in this crowdy place for gridlocks
And so broke the Jhalmuri Wala’s heart.

Never again the Jhalmuri Wala was to be found beside those big schools
Jhalmuri Wala disappeared forever.
In this huge Dhaka cities there are so many of those sellers
But mind blowing puffed rice like his? Oh no, never.

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Rafeed Elahi is a football lover, a movie adherent, and a writer by passion.