1:00 a.m.

He looked at the clock and at the blue icon on his phone. She hadn’t texted her all day. Maybe she was busy? He thought to himself. He texted her again “Hi” for the fifteenth time. She had not even seen the texts. Maybe she was asleep? But the green dot beside her name contradicted his thoughts. You would think that by then he was supposed to doubt her loyalty. But he did not. He trusted her with whatever he had. Even though he was hurt, she was still his constant.

Next day
3:00 p.m.
He walked to his class, his eyes bloodshot from the lack of sleep. He needed to see her. She was his daily dose of caffeine. The corridors were dark. Distant noises flooded to his ears, a girl and a boy talking. It felt like her voice. He followed the voice and froze when he saw what lay in front, a girl with blue eyes in the arms of a boy. The girl wore a red dress which spread across the boy’s lap. She giggled when he said something. The girl mouthed some loving words and the boy welcomed the words. He stood watching the scene. Suddenly he turned around and ran towards somewhere, nowhere to be exact, just away. Away from the sense of betrayal, away from the feeling of being broken. He ran until his lungs could not take it anymore. The air around seemed thicker than usual. He closed his eyes to drown out reality. Tring tring, his phone rang. A photo of a girl with bright blue eyes and huge smile appeared on his screen. He rubbed his eyes, coughed a little and pressed on receive.
“Hey babe. How are you?” he said with all the retrain he could muster
“I’m great. Sorry for not calling. I was a little busy. Let’s meet later?”
“Yeah sure.” He hung up and tears clouded his eyes. Doing class was impossible so he left for home.

9:00 p.m.
He talked to her for an hour or so. Everything felt normal as if nothing was wrong in the first place. She laughed at his usual useless jokes and professed her love. After a while he hung up. He was almost asleep when his phone rang. Her picture pleasured his eyes and a curve graced his lips. He pressed receive but before he could talk he heard two voices speaking in hushed tone. His eyes grew wide when he processed what was going on. He heard every word of the conversation and tears streamed down his cheeks. He pressed disconnect because he could not take it any longer. This was hell, a new form of hell.

12:00 a.m
He closed his eyes to drown out the voices. His head pounded as if someone was constantly hammering his head. An imagery of her face drifted to his mind and he lost it. Blood splattered all over the white tiles. For a while his physical pain had triumphed the discourse in his mind. But not for long, her face occupied his mind. Her laugh caused his heart to beat faster. This was what she did to him, he was broken because of her but dead without her. Which was better though? Normal human mind would think that staying away from her would have been best for him. But he loved her and without her the definition of happiness would become a mystery to him. That was what she did to him. She came like the hurricane in his life. Turned everything upside down, but became a constant in the process. A ting of his phone cause him to open his eyes. Hey babe. It was her. The normal and the logical thing to do would be to block her or break up or something. But love is never rational. Is it? He rubbed his eyes with his hands. His wrists still were tinted with red. His white shirt was submerged in the colour too. He wanted to tell her he knew. He knew what she did. He started typing everything he felt like. He started writing how hurt he was. He pressed sent.

Sent message: Hi babe.
Time: 12:30 p.m.

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