Misunderstanding: a failure to understand somebody. This is all a dictionary would state. But it is more hurtful to feel this.

It was couple of years back when I had a sour relation with my mom. Moms are the best thing everyone is blessed with. But unluckiest are those who ruin that pious relation or face them. So jumping back, I will not focus on the incident but if I be exact then it was year 2007. I was in school. So for some reason my mom stopped talking to me. I was totally neglected and ignored. It hurt me a lot. And gradually I was away from her. We used to live on exact same place but used to talk only as far as we needed to. First few days we didn’t talk at all. Gradually we did but as I said, only when we needed to. She had no clue what I was up to, how my studies were going or how many friends I had. Nothing at all. We even didn’t ask each other, how were we. I never cried for that. At some point I understood that probably she hates me.

I was more close to my aunt. I used to share everything with her. She was more like my mom. But I had no clue that it was eventually affecting my health. Moms are essential. I could always work on me to make sure that she likes me again. I never thought a mom could, or my mom could actually stay away from me to this extent. Shocks were small things like, she buying chocolates to my brother and nothing to me. For years my mom never cooked what I liked. It was all according to my brother’s wish. She never served me dinner but did that to my dad and brother. Those things used to kill me. But I never reacted. Gradually I turned to someone inhuman.

My friends used to complain that I have no heart. I was all hated by almost everyone around and it never bothered. It was my life. But I never gave up. I used to do all her works just to impress her. I used to make her tea every weekend and she used to take few sips only. But even that was a lot for me. I used to buy her gifts and she never wore them or used them. But she never threw them away. These happened for years and at a point I was okay with it.

She never bothered until one day; when I was shivering out of fever. She was in her room and never came near to me. For some reason she went out and when I opened my eyes I found myself hospitalized. She was unexpectedly sitting beside me. I was kind of shocked. I had no idea after how many years were she feeding me by her own hands. Much dramatic? I know! But it happened. Because I never gave up.

My diseases increased showing as symptoms. I was suffering mentally which ended up building health issues and I started bleeding from my mouth and nose. I still bleed severely. I took a lot of medication, injections, sessions everything. I am healing so is our relationship. My only medicine was my mom’s attention. Gradually I started getting them and now I know she loves me too. I fell in love with her once again and still counting! I turned a human being with bunches of emotions. I cry whenever people ask me about my mom! And the best part is she uses those bangles and earrings and shawls which I gifted her years back. These are probably words for the readers but an emotional roller coaster ride for me. My friends are happy for me now! Now we even buy same dresses. I am so happy. The conclusion ends as, never give up on anything. Doesn’t matter what. Hold on to the things you want. It would push you hard, push you away. It will tear you into pieces. Have patience and believe in yourself. Nothing on earth can stop you from achieving something you actually want.

Remember what J. Storm said:

“Magic happens when you don’t give up, even though you want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.”

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Hello reader! I am Arfia currently a student of architecture. Portraying everything from my view is all I love to do. I am someone who speaks less or very limited words. I think, re think then overthink, almost about everything. I just hope you enjoy my arrangement of words, and feel them. Hope this medium convey the messages i want to deliver to every mind.